Zingle is part of the SiteMinder Exchange (SMX), and you can integrate with SiteMinder to connect seamlessly to the world's leading property management systems.


How to set up the integration

First, fill out the SiteMinder Exchange (SXM) Integration Form:

  • Fill out this SiteMinder Exchange (SMX) Integration Form so SiteMinder can process your request and activate your PMS connection to Zingle
  • For question (#6), select "Zingle" as the application you'd like to activate
  • For question (#11), select your Property Management System (or other publishing system). If you don't see your PMS on the list of options, make sure your PMS is live on SiteMinder Exchange. To find a full list of current SMX Publishers, please visit this SMX link and filter by "Publisher."

Second, set up SiteMinder in Zingle:

  • As an Administrator, navigate to the Integrations section: Admin Settings > Integrations
  • Locate and click on the SiteMinder Integration to access the setup screen
  • Enter the "Hotel Code"
  • Click "Save & Activate"

Once the connection is activated by both SiteMinder and Zingle, it can take up to 2-3 business days to process, map, and validate the information.


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