Contacts can be imported into Zingle automatically using the CSV-email integration. Alternatively, an SFTP integration can be used, see below setup instructions for the email integration.

Some CRM systems allow for the automatic scheduled sending of an email with an attached CSV file that includes contacts and their attributes. This can be used to automatically import and update contacts in Zingle on a scheduled basis.


1. Browse to Admin Settings > Integrations > CSV Import

2. Select "Email" as the source and click the "Create email address" button.

3. Clicking the "Create email address" button will create a Zingle hosted email address where emails with CSV attachments can be sent. Click the 'copy' link, which will copy the email address to your clipboard. This is the "To:" address where your system will send emails with CSV attachments.

4. The "Map Fields" button will be disabled until this email address receives an email with attached CSV file from your CRM or PMS system. 

No refresh is necessary to update the status on this screen. It will automatically update once an email is received and processed. It can take up to a few minutes. 

Once the "Map Fields" button is enabled, click it and map the CSV columns to your Contact fields and save. 

5. Once you've mapped the fields, your screen should appear like this.

You're all set! Now, each time a CSV is sent over, it will automatically add or update contacts in Zingle.

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