If you use V1 for your PMS, you can integrate with Zingle to automatically synchronize contact and reservation data with Zingle. 


How to set up the integration

  • To get started, contact your Agilysys account representative to complete a statement of work for custom development.  Here is a sample SOW.    
  • The Agilysys team will then contact the Zingle Interface Specialist to coordinate the install.   
  • The Zingle Interface Specialist will send the SFTP credentials to the Agilysys installation technician to connect the interface. 
  • The SFTP setup instructions are available here
  • Once Zingle receives the initial file, the process to import, map, and validate the information in Zingle will take approximately 2 to 3 business days

That's it! You can begin importing reservation and contact data from V1 into Zingle.

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