Importing Contacts

Zingle gives you the functionality to import a list of contacts in CSV format. An SFTP channel can also be provisioned to provide a seamless transferring of files between your system and Zingle, more information around SFTP will be released shortly. To go about uploading a CSV file to Zingle, take the following steps:
 1. From the Settings in your contact page, select Import from the drop-down and Upload File. To see a sample CSV file, select Download Template to view and edit a template.

 2. Select the CSV file you'd like to upload and Open.

 3. First select the row at which the file's headers are located. Next, choose the mapping of each column to the appropriate contact field in Zingle or select Ignore Column. Select Import Contacts to finalize the upload.

Once selected, your data import will run and your contacts will be queued for upload. If a contact already exists with a channel type, like a phone number, the existing record will be updated with the new information.

An email will be sent to you with the results of your import. The email will allow you to download a CSV with details that will explain why failures occurred. 

Pro Tip: The CSV downloaded from the feedback email can be used to correct any issues and then be re-uploaded for another import attempt.

For administrators, additional details can be found in the Contact Import Log. Learn more

Exporting Contacts

You can easily export selected contacts, or groups of contacts using the steps below:
 1. Select and existing group, or individually select the desired contacts using the check box that appears when you hover over the contact list:

 2. You will be prompted to save the CSV file.

Learn about automating the CSV import process with Zingle's auto email import integration. 

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