FTP, or "File Transfer Protocol" is a popular method of transferring files between two remote systems such as your contact management system and Zingle. SFTP stands for "Secure File Transfer Protocol" and works in a similar way but over a secure connection. The advantage is the ability to leverage a secure connection to transfer files and traverse the filesystem on both the local and remote system. 

To use Zingle's SFTP with your contact management system, take the following steps:

1. Browse to Admin Settings > Integrations > CSV Import SFTP

2. Select Create SFTP credentials.

3. Select Show next to the password to display the password to be copied.

4. Go to your contact management system or ftp client. Copy the credentials displayed in Zingle, paste them into the appropriate areas and connect.

5. Export a CSV file in its default format from your system, have it ready in a designated location on your computer. Navigate to your contact management system or FTP desktop client. Use Zingle's SFTP as the destination for your exported CSV or manually drop the CSV into the /files folder as shown below. 

6. Wait several minutes before returning to Zingle. Select the Map Fields button once it's illuminated in blue.

7. Choose the contact field to which each column will export to. Once finished, select Save Mapping.

Going forward each new CSV saved to the SFTP will be automatically imported into Zingle.

Learn more about Zingle's automated CSV import via email as an alternative to the SFTP method here

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