The Zingle MindBody integration allows MindBody users to automatically sync Clients from MindBody into Zingle whenever a new client is created or updated. This integration also sends message chat history back into MindBody for reference inside each Client profile.

How to set up the integration

  1. As an Administrator, browse to the Integration section: Admin Settings > Integrations
  2. Locate the MindBody Online integration and click the box to enter the Settings screen.

3. Enter your MindBody Client ID (may also be called a Studio or Site ID) and click the Connect to MindBody button. 

To find your MindBody Client ID:

  1. Log in to your site as Owner.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click on your Business Name/Login.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select MINDBODY Subscription.

Not logged in as Owner? 

  • You can find your Client ID by looking for the "Site ID" link at the bottom right corner of your MINDBODY site. 
  • You can also copy your site's URL address by clicking the Site ID link. Then click the blue copy button on the pop-up box. Paste the URL into a browser or document, it will end in the Client ID.

4. Next, a modal will appear. If you are the MindBody Site Owner, click the blue Authorize button. If you are not the Site Owner, (this is most likely the case if your business is a part of a larger franchise or brand) copy the url below the blue button and send to the Site Owner. Clicking the url will grant Zingle permission to MindBody.

5. Once Zingle has been granted access to MindBody, you'll see Zingle in the "Who has access to your API" section.

6. When you return to the MindBody integration setup page in Zingle, you'll notice the status is "Connected"; however, you can't map fields yet because Zingle hasn't received any data from MindBody yet.

7.  The integration is real-time, so as soon as a contact in MindBody is either added or updated, the setup screen will show a blue field mapping button. 

Click the blue Map Fields button and set the mapping of fields from MindBody to Zingle. Select Save Mapping to finalize.

Once mapped, MindBody data will be automatically ingested into Zingle.

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