Integrate your Salesforce (SFDC) account with Zingle to send your SFDC contact/lead data to Zingle, and also sync Zingle conversations to contacts/leads in SFDC. 

Zingle interacts with Salesforce using phone numbers as unique identifiers. When your customers message you in Zingle, we will use the phone number to match it to your Salesforce contact and record all Zingle conversations in Salesforce.

  • Send a message in Zingle, keep the history in Salesforce

  • Sync all Zingle conversations with your customers and add the conversation history to the contact's activity field in Salesforce

  • Sync contact information from Salesforce to Zingle

  • Increase your team's productivity and automate administrative tasks by using this Salesforce-Zingle integration

Have more questions? Read our Salesforce FAQs here.

How to set up the integration


  • Make sure you have a valid Salesforce CRM, Professional account or above

  • Make sure you have Administrator rights in Salesforce


  • As an Administrator, navigate to the Integrations section: Admin Settings > Integrations

  • Locate and click on the Salesforce Integration to access the setup screen

  • You will be asked to sign in using your Salesforce credentials


You can choose which objects to pull from Salesforce. Choosing "Custom" will give you the option to write a custom SOQL query to pull Custom objects/fields as well.



Once you've successfully authenticated and selected your SFDC objects, you can begin selecting which fields to map from Salesforce to Zingle. Note that these Salesforce fields will be mapped automatically with Zingle fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

To map additional fields from Salesforce, click "+ Map Another Field".

From the "Salesforce field" dropdown, you will be able to see and search through all your SFDC contact fields and custom contact fields.

From the "Zingle field" dropdown, you will be able to see all existing Zingle contact fields. (Note: for a field to be selectable from this dropdown, you will need to go to Admin Settings > Contact Fields and create the Contact Field first.)

Have questions about SFDC field types and mapping? Read our Salesforce FAQs here.

You can continue to adding fields from Salesforce and mapping them to existing Zingle contact fields. Note that each field can only be mapped once. 


Finally, choose how often you want to sync contact data and Zingle conversations back to Salesforce.

Once you are done configuring this integration, click "Save + Activate."

That's it! Once the connection is activated by Salesforce and Zingle, it can take up to 1-3 business days to process, map, and validate the information.

Note that on initial configuration, it can take longer than the timeframe selected in the "Contact Sync Setting" to get all your SFDC contact/lead info into Zingle, especially if there is a lot of customer data to import. We batch imports in buckets of 2000 contacts, so the first load of contacts may take longer depending on your total contact count. Once the initial load is complete, we will sync contact information based on your chosen timeframe by pulling all updates from the last 24 hours.

When you are set up, you can begin importing contact data from Salesforce into Zingle, and sync your Zingle conversations to your Salesforce contact record.


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