Welcome to Zingle! Let's get you started with your new subscription. To access the inbox for the first time, go to your email and look for a message from Zingle inviting you to the service. Select Join your team to set up credentials. 

Important note: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Zingle, be sure to access the inbox from a supported internet browser for best results.

 Now that you're in, we recommend incorporating the following features to ensure that you’re using the software to its fullest potential:

  • Weekly Report - Stay in the know! Be sure to add your email to receive weekly activity reporting.
  • Upload Contacts - If you can export your contacts to an excel sheet, you can upload them into Zingle.
  • Group Messaging - Learn about sending messages to groups of contacts.
  • Autoresponder - Set your hours of operation so your contacts know when to message you.
  • Add Users - Share the workload, give your team access to the system.
  • Templates - No need to type it out when you can point and click! Make things easier for yourself and your team with Templates.
  • Escalation Zing - Monitor responsiveness of the team with set email alerts of unread messages in Zingle with Escalation Zings.
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