• The Quore integration feature must be added to your service. Please contact your Success Manager for details.
  • Contact your Quore sales rep or send an email to to have the API integration added. The Quore API key will be sent directly to the Zingle integrations department. 
  1. From your Zingle Inbox, browse to Admin Settings > Integrations > Quore. If you don't see the Quore integration available, this indicates the Hospitality Integrations feature has not been added to your service, please contact your Success Manager.

2. Paste in your Quore API key and click the Save Configuration button.
3. Your Quore integration should now appear as "Connected".

How to use the integration

Once the integration is setup, there are a few ways to interact with Quore through Zingle. 

Creating Work Orders and Service Requests from your Zingle Inbox

The Quore integration allows your team to create Quore Work Orders and Service Requests from guest messages.

  1. From the Inbox, click the "forward" icon from any inbound message.

2. Select Quore from the "Forward To" dropdown.

3. Specify whether you want to create a Service Request or Work Order and then fill in the details. The "room/area" field will attempt to auto-populate based on the Contact's room number in Zingle.

4. Click the Forward Message button when finished. The Work Order or Service Request has now been created in Quore.

Interacting with Quore using Zings

With the Quore integration active, there are two Quore related Zing triggers and two Quore Zing actions. The Quore Zing triggers and actions can be used to automatically create Work Orders and Service Requests. Additionally, any Zing action can be performed based on the status update of a Quore Work Order or Service Request.


  • Quore Work Order Status updated - Occurs when a Quore Work Order status has been updated.
  • Quore Service Request Status updated - Occurs when a Quore Service Request status has been updated.


  • Quore - Create Service Request - Creates a Service Request in Quore's system
  • Quore - Create Work Order - Creates a Work Order in Quore's system

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