Use the Message Delivery report to view the status of all outbound messages.

  1. Browse to Analytics > Message Delivery
  2. By default, the time range selected is the last seven days. Adjust the timeframe as desired using the date selector at the top. 

3. The Message Delivery report will be displayed

4. By default, the "ALL" tab will display all of the outbound messages for the selected timeframe. To filter only Delivered messages, click on the "DELIVERED" tab. To filter only Failed messages, click on the "FAILED" tab. The delivered and failed tabs filter the "ALL" view.

TIP: Hover over the red failed text in order to see the specific failure reasons and codes. To learn more about a specific error, search the failure reason in or in our Knowledge Base chat widget. 

5. Let's review the columns

  • Recipient - This column displays the display name of the recipient.
  • Sent - This column displays the date/time the message was sent from the interface. i.e. when you clicked the "Send" button.
  • Status - This field displays the current status of the message: Sending, Delivered, Failed. Delivered and Failed statuses allow a hover to reveal the date/time the message was sent to the carrier (delivered) and the date/time the message failed (failed).
  • Duration - This field displays the total duration of time from the original "send" button click to the delivery or failure.
  • Source - This field shows where the message was sent from: Reply, Compose, Contact Creation, Zing (automation), API, and Integration.
  • Sent by - This field shows who sent the message.
  • Message - This field displays the message body.


Exporting (button in upper right) will export all records in the "ALL" tab to CSV.

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