Analytics allow you to report on just about everything that happens in your Zingle service.

The following reports can be run with parameters set from the middle and right filter panes:

  • Message Volume: Track amount of inbound/outbound messages
  • Contacts Created: See trends in the creation of contacts
  • Unique Contact Engagement: Separate from Message Volume, unique contact engagement tracks the amount of each unique contact with which there's been at least one interaction e.g. 1,000 inbound/outbound messages with 100 contacts with yield 100 unique contact interactions
  • Team Performance Trends: See trends in the amount of conversations closed and messages sent over the interval selected
  • Team Performance Totals: Lump sum of average time for team to read the first incoming messages of a conversation, conversations closed and messages sent
  • Templates summary: Track how frequently each template was used over the interval selected
  • Zing summary: Track how frequently each zings was fired over the interval selected
  • Survey results - ratings: When a 1-5 rating survey Zing is set up, track the amount of responses by numerical value
  • Survey results - yes/no: Similarly, this report pulls number of responses by yes or no
  • Export Message Detail: This function exports every conversation for the interval selected to a CSV, similar to the export of a singular conversation but in bulkĀ 

Once the report you'd like to run is selected, set the parameters:

  • Date Range: Choose Past Week, Past 4 Weeks, Past 12 Weeks or set a custom range
  • Decrease or Increase "Granularity:" Select the intervals in which the report is displayed
  • Filters: Choose which channels you'd like included in the report and inbound vs outbound messages

Finally, once your report has been customized to your satisfaction, you can export to a CSV to save the results.

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