Micros Opera can be configured to send Room Ready SMS messages through Zingle.  These messages can be tracked and associated with Zingle Contacts or untracked, in which case Zingle simply passes the message along to the mobile carrier and doesn't update any information in your Zingle Service. 

Note that all of the steps below (with the exception of obtaining your property code from Zingle) are performed in the Opera Software.  You will need administrative access to your Opera instance to follow this guide.  

Obtaining your Configuration Information

All of the service-specific information referenced in the following steps can be obtained from your Zingle Admin Settings Page, in the Integrations section, in the Opera integration settings. 

Opera Setup

Enable Text Messaging

To enable SMS functionality in Opera, the Text Message Handling feature must be turned on in the Opera.

  1. Login to Opera Configuration
  2. Go to Setup > Application Settings
  3. Select the ‘GENERAL’ group. 
  4. Scroll down the list and locate the function called ‘TEXT MESSAGE HANDLING’ and click on ‘Edit’ 
  5. Choose ‘Y’ to activate this function. 
  6. Press ‘OK’ and then close.

Configure the SMS Gateway

  1. Login to Opera Configuration
  2. From the Property menu choose Delivery Method > Confirmation 
  3. Click the Text Msg tab
  4. Click the Delivery button
  5. You will be presented with the Text Message Delivery screen (see image below). Note: The settings entered in the Text Message Delivery Screen will apply to SMS sent for Confirmations, Room Queue, and Ad Hoc messages. The Text Message Delivery only needs to be configured one time.
  6. Fill in the form fields as shown in the screenshot and list below
  7. Click OK on the Text Message Delivery Configuration window
  8. Click OK on the Delivery Method Maintenance Window

Text Message Delivery Configuration Fields

  • Partner/User ID: zingle
  • Service Type/Server: 1
  • Service ID/Account: Obtain from your Zingle Opera Integration page
  • Password: Obtain from your Zingle Opera Integration page
  • URL: http://services.zingle.me/opera-sms-gateway
  • URL parameter: TEXT
  • Timeout: 10
  • Format: <URL_NAME>?username=<SERVICE_ID>&password=<SERVICE_PASSWORD>&message=<CONFG_MESSAGE>&number=<TO_MOBILE>

Setup Confirmation Messages

  1. Login to Opera Configuration
  2. From the Property menu choose Delivery Method > Confirmation
  3. Click the Text Msg tab (fig. 2)
  4. Fill in the message you'd like to send in the 'Text Message' box.  Your message must start with <html><body> and end with </body></html>, for example

Confirmation <ConfirmationNumber> for <ResortFullName> for arrival on <ArrivalDate> for <NumberOfNights> night(s). Text us if you need anything during your stay!


The fields in brackets are Opera Tags (not to be confused with Zingle Tags).  For details on the use of Tags and Conditions see below.

Setup Room Queue Messages

The steps for configuring the Room Queue template are the same as for Confirmation Messages, but in step 2 choose Room Queue instead of Confirmation

Setup Ad Hoc Messages

The steps for configuring the Ad Hoc message template are the same are Confirmation Messages, but in step 2 choose Message instead of Confirmation.  The Ad Hoc message template should not be altered, it should read:


Tags & Conditions

Opera Tags can be used to insert information about a guest or their reservation in the message.  To view a list of all available tags, click the Tags button on any of the message configuration windows in Opera.

Conditions allow a hotel to send different Confirmation or Room Queue messages based on the data contained in the profile or reservation.  For instance, if a guest reserves a suite, the Room Queue message might read "Your suite is ready, Mr. Smith." or if they have an ocean-view room it might read "Your ocean view room is ready, Mr. Smith. Enjoy the sunset!".

Conditions are specified by surrounding the desired message with <?></?> and including a condition before the message in the format <TAG>[='VALUE']. 

For example, if we were setting up the example above and the ROOMTYPE for an ocean-view room was 'oview' and the ROOMTYPE for a suite was 'suite' our template would look like this:


<?><ROOMTYPE>[='oview']Your ocean view room is ready <GUESTTITLE> <GUESTLASTNAME>. Enjoy the sunset!</?>

<?><ROOMTYPE>[='suite']Your suite is ready, <GUESTTITLE> <GUESTLASTNAME></?>


Opera SMS Usage

Room Queue Messages

Room Queue Messages can be sent to guests who are currently waiting for their room to be available. To view a list of queued rooms, open the Front Desk > Queue Reservations screen.  

To send a message to a guest in the queue, click on the row and click the Text Msg. button. 

Reservation & Ad Hoc Messages

Reservation or Ad Hoc messages can be sent from the Options screen (see image below) by clicking the Options button from the Reservation, Reservation Search, Arrivals, or Waitlist screens.  

To send a confirmation message, click the Confirmation button on the Reservation Options screen. To send an Ad Hoc message click the Messages button then click the Text Msg. button on the Messages screen.

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