If you use Opera for your PMS, you can integrate with Zingle to automatically synchronize contact and reservation data with Zingle.

To integrate Opera with Zingle, you will need to setup a report to send to Zingle via SFTP. The report will send automatically by using the Opera Report Scheduler.


Zingle's Opera CSV integration is compatible with Opera version 5.5 and 5.6
The Opera user will need permissions to access the report configuration and edit capabilities in the report scheduler.

Obtain custom Opera report (osr file) from the Zingle trainer and Save the osr file to a folder on the local pc

How to set up the integration

Go to Opera Configuration > Report Setup > Reports

Click on NEW

Complete the fields with the information shown below and then click on Customize

Select Import

Select the file ‘zingleexport.osr’ and then click on upload 

Click OK to save the report

The next step is to setup the SFTP in the Opera configuration.

Go to Opera Configuration>Property>Delivery Method>General> Select the SFTP Tab> Click on NEW

Enter in the Destination Name  "ZINGLE - SFTP
Enter in the Description Name "Zingle"
Click OK

Select the "Zingle" destination and click on Config
Obtain the following information from the Zingle trainer and enter it as shown below.
Enter in the Host/URL/Port 22
Enter in the User ID and Password
Enter in the Target Directory
Click on Validate > Confirm you see a VERIFIED message from Opera stating the SFTP connection is successful.  

The report is now available to configure in the report scheduler

Go to Miscellaneous>Report Scheduler

Click on NEW

Search for the Zingle Report 

Select File Format > Delimited Data

Select Delimiter > enter a comma (,)

Click OK

Repeat section > Minutes > Enter in the frequency
This is the frequency that Opera will send the report to Zingle (Obtain the frequency from your Zingle trainer, typically set for every 30 minutes)

Select the server that generates the reports

Click OK

Click on FILE


Select Distribution List > Edit

In the Value section enter in Zingle and for the file extension enter csv

Select Distribution List > New

Select SFTP
Select Value "Zingle-SFTP"
Click OK

Select Parameters and click on Set Date (Do this for the From and To Arrival Date)

*From Arrival Date: Set to -10 days From Arrival (Standard setup)
*To Arrival Date: Set to +7 days

Setup based on how many days prior to send ‘Pre-Arrival Zing’

The TO and FROM dates above are best practice but may be adjusted to accommodate various setups in Zingle.

From Arrival Date: Select Report Date > Enter -7 days > Click OK

To Arrival Date: Select Report Date > Enter +3 days > Click OK

You will now see the Report Date in the Value column

Test sending the report from Opera to Zingle

Select the Zingle report > Click on ‘Run Now’ > Click ‘Yes' to send the report

Confirm with your Zingle trainer that Zingle received the file successfully

Click here to learn more about how to setup CSV via SFTP in Zingle

That’s it! It’s easy to set up your Opera CSV integration with Zingle.

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