Admin settings for your Zingle service can be managed only by Administrators from the user menu. Select your service name/initials at the top of the screen and Admin Settings.

General Settings:

General settings consist of the following:

  • Service name
  • Company Name
  • Time Zone
  • Autoresponder - This is used to set your non-working hours so Zingle can auto-respond to customers
  • Automatically Translate Messages - If turned on, this feature will attempt to automatically language translate inbound and outbound conversations.

Less common options can be accessed from the menu at the bottom of the page: 

  • Contact Privacy - If turned on, this feature obfuscate the last digits of contact phone numbers for privacy.
  • Only trigger keyword Zings on closed conversations - When this setting is on, keyword automations will only fire when a conversation is closed in order to prevent an automation from firing while your team is chatting with a customer.
  • Conversation Assignments on/off (Enterprise only) - This feature enables the creation and assignment of teams. This feature is often used when more than one team is using Zingle.
  • Automatically self-assign when replying to a conversation - This feature is useful when incoming conversations are being routed to a team and then, if a specific team member replies, the conversation then becomes assigned to them for ownership.
  • Automatically unassign closed conversation on new inbound message - This feature is used when each incoming conversation could be routed to a different team depending on the context. Alternatively, this feature should be off if, independent of the context of an incoming conversation, the same team member should own the conversation. This feature is most often used by client or professional services where one professional (Zingle users) owns or manages a set group of contacts.
  • Weekly Email Report Recipients - Enter email addresses of all recipients to get the automated Zingle report of the week's activity.  
  • Outgoing Header - With the outgoing header enabled, Zingle will automatically insert a header of your choosing as a prefix of every message sent from the service. 
  • Opt-In Settings - Used to configure the opt-in settings for compliance with TCPA rules. When turned on, this will require that your customers opt-in prior to any conversations.

Team Members:

Easily invite new members by email and manage your existing team members and their roles, more on managing team members here.

Contact Fields:

Manage the fields and types for the information you gather about your contacts.


Manage Tags and groups used to organize your contacts. Read more on how these new features are used here


Edit the display name and color or remove existing Segments from this area, learn more about filtering contacts with Segments here


Templates can be created to be used for commonly used replies to contacts. They are used for efficiency, adhering to brand standards, and consistency in messaging.


Link your Facebook, WeChat, Line or Web Chat accounts to consolidate all your communications to one inbox within Zingle.


Each integration offered in Zingle allows you to further streamline your workflows and automations to your customers.

  • HotSOS and Opera integrations allow you to fetch guest reservation data from your property management system and automatically brings it into Zingle, creating an easy way to communicate with your guests.
  • Connecting to Zingle to Zapier allows you to virtually integrate with over any of the 1,000+ supported applications such as SalesForce, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, Twitter, Google Calendar, Instagram, Hubspot, Intercom and many more. 
  • Integrate with your TripAdvisor page to boost your ranking utilizing smart surveys sent to your customers via text. 
  • Can your PMS or CRM send scheduled reports? Zingle's contact sync via CSV Import allows you to establish a flow of information from your system to Zingle's without requiring a direct integration.
  • Incorporating Bitly into your Zingle service will automatically shorten the URLs sent to your customers. View analytics from these links in your Bitly account.

Billing & Usage:

Finally, the Billing tab allows you to view the details of your Zingle subscription, Invoices, Billing Contact(s) and Payment Method.

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