The Bitly integration will allow you to link your Bitly account to Zingle so that outbound urls are automatically shortened.

Bitly is a url shortening service and a link management platform. Bitly operates under a "freemium" pricing model, where each account gets 10,000 urls shortened for free each month. For many Zingle customers, this will be absolutely free to use. If you require more shortening, more robust analytics, or branded urls, you can subscribe to Bitly.

To set up the Bitly integration:

  1. Browse to Admin Settings > Integrations > Bitly
  2. Click the "Enable Bitly Integration" button.
  3. Follow the steps to create and link your Bitly account.
  4. Once linked, all urls sent outbound from Zingle through any channel will be automatically shortened by Bitly.

Escape character

For urls that you do not want Zingle and Bitly to shorten, preface the urls with the "\" character. 

Example:  \

The example above would not be shortened because of the backslash character.

Happy Bitly-ing!

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