Instead of requiring your staff to enter in all the Contact information manually, you can send a registration automation, or have your contact text a keyword that asks your them for their information like First Name and Last Name. Let your Contacts do the work for you.

How Registrations Work:

Registrations can be set up as a question, or series of questions, to gather contact information and save it to the custom fields in the contact record. This saved information can be used in a number of ways such as triggering additional automations, assigning group labels, printed customer info with future requests, and using personalized template responses. Let's set on up.

Create a Registration Automation:

1. Get started by navigating to the ZINGS pane and + Create New Zing. Select the "Registration" Zing template or "Start from Scratch." 

2. Set Trigger- select First inbound message received and Continue to actions.

3. Select the first option of Ask for contact information and save response

4. Select the contact field to save and type the question. Here the contact field is First Name and we've typed a question of asking the contact to state their first name. Select Continue and Save + Add Another Action.

5. Repeat this process for the Last Name and any other information you're wanting to collect from the contact. 

6. End the communication with a confirmation text by this time selecting Send message to contact.

Save + Finish, Name the Zing and turn it on to activate it in your service.

To see how many contacts have registered in your service, access your results in the Analytics pane and define the date range you want to report.

Select Zing Summary from the reports list on the left-hand side and select your registration from the list of Zings.

For more information on Triggers and Actions and their specific functions, click here.

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