Zings are based on Triggers that initiate an automation. At the bottom of the reply box in the Conversation Detail Pane, you'll see these three icons: 📄 ⚡️ 📎 

The lightning bolt icon allows you to manually trigger any of the automations that you've built out from the Zings page.

This can be used to send more robust automatic communications, like a series of questions and actions, a survey or perhaps a keyword Zing that didn't fire. We'll take a look at two examples below. 

Here we have a Zing built to send a survey question and then respond to the rating. To initiate the survey, we'll select Run Zing⚡️ and Checkout Survey. You'll see that Zingle takes it from here and automatically responds to the rating.

In this case, the Zing of "Pool Hours" Keyword is based off the trigger of an incoming message that equals POOL HOURS. The contact in this example text "When is the pool open?" which wouldn't trigger the Zing. To manually fire the response, we'll select ⚡️ and Pool Hours Keyword

To learn about Keyword Zings, check out the help article here and our Automate collection here.

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