Message Unread Escalation

To ensure that requests never go unanswered, set up notifications to be sent when a message or request goes unread for a set amount of time. Start by selecting the Zings tab at the top of your screen.

Next, select Create Zing to navigate to the Zing marketplace. Choose which Zing you'd like to add, in this case we'll select the 5 min escalation email Zing.

Select View Zing then Use Zing.

This will pull up the Zing customization screen. You'll see that by default, the Trigger is set to fire the Zing based off the condition that a conversation is unread for 5 minutes. This can be customized based off the amount of time desired before the Zing fires. 

Next edit the action, in this case, the Send email action. Input the email of the desired recipient who will receive escalation emails. 

Customize the body of the email to be sent, use the Contact Field {...} bracket to have the Zing auto-insert information from the conversation or contact detail. 

When sent to your email, each of these contact fields will populate the requested values.

Escalation Zings can be configured to deliver escalations to management via text as well as respond to the contact: Texts Contacts Using Escalation Triggers.

Conversation Open Escalation

An equally important process is that of closing conversations, learn why here. To configure an escalation based off the Conversation being unresolved or open for an extended period of time, navigate to the Marketplace and find the Open Conversation 20 Minute Escalation Zing and apply it to your service.

Once applied, choose the amount of time to elapse for a conversation to be open (read or unread) before an escalation fires. 

Next, similar to the Unread Message escalation, customize the Send Email action with the recipient and message details. 

Select Save + Finish and turn the Zing on to activate it in your service. 

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