To send out a delayed or ongoing text, you'll need to create a scheduled Zing. Timely messages are key in orchestrating customer engagement and gathering feedback or other information.

Create a New Zing  

Start by selecting the Zings tab at the top of your screen. 

Next, select Create Zing to navigate to the Zing marketplace and select Start from Scratch.

From the Trigger screen, select Scheduled, set occurrence to daily, weekly or monthly, select the time that you want the message to go out, select desired time for the message to be sent out and finally choose recipients by tag or segment and Continue.

Click here for more information on filtering by tags and segments.

From Action options, select Send Message to Contact, write verbiage to be sent to the contact, attach images as needed, Save + Finish, name the Zing, turn the Zing on and save.

What's next?

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