User Password Reset

When a new user is created on a service the username can either be an email address, or an alpha-numeric username. Account Administrators require an email address for access recovery. Some users may need to login with their company's Single Sign-on process. See the following options for more information:

Users with an Email Username

On the login page a user can select the password recovery link. This will prompt you to enter your email address, which will then send you a new link via email that will direct you to create a new password. If you do not see the email, you may need to check your SPAM folder.

This process can also be used for users whose invite to Zingle has expired or is no longer active

Password Reset URL:

Users without an Email Username

Users with and alphanumeric username will need to contact an Administrator on the account to have their password manually reset and provided to them. If you are still unable to log in, please contact your service administrator to verify your user credentials, user name, or to have your password manually reset.

Users with SSO Login

Users whose company has enabled the Single Sign-On login process (SSO) for the Zingle app, must authenticate with one of the following SSO options available. If you're unsure if your company or account has enabled SSO login, contact your administrator or reach out to Support.

SSO Options: Gmail, Slack, Office 365, Custom SSO

Custom SSO Login

If your company has enabled their own SSO provider with Zingle, you will need to use the option Log In using SSO, enter your company's domain, and authenticate externally. The domain is typically the end of your company email address: ie for the email, the domain is

Change Password while Logged In

Users can also change their password within the platform by going to the drop down menu by the Account Name on the top right corner of the Zingle App.

Select My Settings and click on Change Password

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