The SSO feature is an add-on that needs to be added to your Zingle service before your service is SSO enabled. Please contact your Success manager for details on setting up SSO for your organization.

Logging in using SSO

  1. On the iOS or Android mobile app, select the option to "Login using SSO"

  2. Enter your "SSO Domain" provided by Zingle as a part of the SSO setup. Click the "Log in with SSO" button. If you are unsure of your SSO Domain, ask your Zingle Administrator, internal IT or Helpdesk, or Support.

    Note: This step will be skipped once you complete this setup for the very first time.

  3. If the SSO Domain matches one setup in Zingle, you'll be redirected to your IDP (Identity Provider) for authentication. Once authenticated, you'll be automatically redirected back to Zingle and into your service.

    Note: The screen shot below represents just one of many IDPs. Your authentication screen will likely differ from the one shown below.

Alternate Zingle Environments

If your organization is set up in a customer Zingle Environment, ensure you have selected the corresponding environment. If you are unsure, ask your Zingle Administrator, or Zingle Support via the Live Chat feature:

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