Give some personality to your brand with a customized "Birthday Month" wish to your contacts a happy birthday. NOTE: for Zingle Professional and Enterprise users, see how to automate birthday messages here.

In the steps below we'll be walking through how to do this:

  1. Create the Birthday Contact Field in Admin Settings

  2. Create a segment for each month

  3. Use the +NEW button to send a message to the appropriate segment at the beginning of each month
    Start by navigating to Admin > Contact Fields > Create New > Select Type as Anniversary and name the field “Birthday.” 

Next, navigate to Contacts > Select + Add Filter > Choose Birthday as your source > Select After > Choose the last day of the month before you're creating the segment for > Select + Add Filter > Choose Birthday as your source > Select Before > Choose the first day of the month after the month you're creating the segment for > Save the Segment as “{Month} Birthdays” 

Once your segment is created, select +NEW > Select the birthday month you'd like to message > type your message using the contact field inserting feature to customize > Send

The message sent to each contact will reflect their inserted first name and respective birthday.

Repeat this process for each month for which you'd like to wish your contacts happy birthday 🎉

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