To restrict inbound messages from a contact, take the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to the contact detail pane on the right hand side when the conversation with a contact has been opened. The contact detail pane can also be found by navigating to Contacts, searching for and selecting the Contact you wish to block. 
  2. Next to the contact's active channel (phone number or email,) select the ellipsis of three dots. A drop down menu will appear.
  3. Select Block Inbound.

A blocked 🚫 icon will then appear next to the contact's channel in the Contact Detail Pane to the right.

Similarly, you're able to restrict messages from going outbound to a contact. This is done automatically anytime any contact texts STOP, BLOCK or CANCEL. However, there may be less specific messages that don't trigger the auto-block and require you to use the Block Outbound Messages feature.

The reply box will then be blocked out. Messages will be blocked from going out to the contact, even if sent to a tag or segment that they're still a part of.

To reinstate either direction of communication, repeat the process of selecting the three dots at the top of the pane and Unblock Inbound Messages and/or Unblock Outbound Messages.

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