Zingle enables businesses to communicate with contacts via multiple channel types, not just SMS text messaging, visit the Integrate collection to see what channels can be enabled. 

Channels in Contact Detail

To the right of the Inbox in the Contact Detail column, you will see all channels by which you can communicate with the contact selected. The phone number will remain as the primary channel, merge contacts to consolidate inbound communications from channels such as web chat, email or Facebook. 

Channel Visibility 

Each incoming and outgoing message will display the channel type that the message was sent to or received from.

The channel used to respond can be selected next to Reply to. All alternate channels will appear here such as an email address or web chat integration.

Email is currently outbound only. Email will come from an outbound “no-reply@” email address. 

Changes in Analytics

To the right-hand side of Analytics, you can now set the filters you'd like to report on.  

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