By enabling the HotSOS Room Ready module for your Zingle account, you'll be able to delight your guests and save time by automatically sending room ready updates via Zingle. 


1. You must be using HotSOS and one of the following PMS systems:

  • Fidellio (6, 7 ,or 8)
  • Galaxy
  • Epitome
  • IQWare
  • LMS
  • Opera
  • RoomMaster
  • SMS
  • VisualOne

2. The Zingle Room Ready module must be enabled for your service(s). Reach out to your Zingle Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to complete this step.

3. The "Pending Arrival" or "Pre-Reg/Pre-Registration"  standard operating procedure that your hotel has in place must consist of the following steps.

  • Guest arrives on property, their room is not available.
  • Reservation is then checked fully in to the system, the room should then appear in the system as some form of "OCCUPIED" and "DIRTY."
  • Later in the day, once either Housekeeping updates the room status from DIRTY to CLEAN/INSPECTED or the Front Office changes the reservation to a clean room, the guest is notified and instructed to return to the property for their room.

Use Cases

✅ Pre-Registration: Room Ready Notification

Use this Zing Template

This use case covers the scenario where a clean room isn't ready upon guest checkin. This process will automatically notify guests when their room is ready as a part of the check-in process. 

1. Guest checks in and a clean room isn't ready. The guest is told the room is currently being cleaned and that they'll receive a message once the room is ready. The guest leaves the front desk and awaits the message. The room should now appear as occupied and dirty from the Housekeeping screen, similar to the example below.

2. As Housekeeping updates the pending room's status to "INSPECTED", Zingle will automatically send a message to the guest under the following conditions: 

  • "Checked In" tag is applied
  • Checkin date is on or before today
  • Checkout date is after today

In the message to the guest, we recommend instructing the guest to return to the front desk to collect their key and finish the checkin process. 

NOTE: The message will also fire to the guest if the reservation is moved to a clean room, in the case where the original room assignment is unsuitable.

A variation of this Zing can be built to include the guest's room number using the insert contact field option. This would enable you to hand activated room keys to a guest at checkin without divulging the room number (since the room would be dirty) and have an automated text disclosing the room number once it's become clean. To use the variation, change the Send message to contact to read something like "Hello {first_name} your room at the hotel has now been prepared and your keys have been activated. Room {room} is ready for your arrival."

✅ Daily Cleaning: Automated Completion Notification

Use this Zing Template

This use case notifies guests after their room is cleaned as a part of the daily Housekeeping process. In other words, any time a checked-in guest's room is marked as "Inspected", the guests will receive a message. As the guest's room status changes to "Inspected", Zingle will automatically send a message to all guests under the following conditions: 

  • "Checked In" tag is applied
  • Checkin date is on or before today
  • Checkout date is after today
  • Room number has not changed

✅ Daily Cleaning: Status Inquiry Auto-Response

Use this Zing Template

The exact same automated message can be adapted into the inquiry-only use case that allows guests to send a keyword text, such as "ROOM STATUS" and receive the status of their room as a reply. Instead of the every guest automatically receiving a daily notification of their Housekeeping service, you are providing the option for them to text in to ask for it with this template. 

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