If you use Opera for your PMS system, you can integrate with Zingle to automatically synchronize contact and reservation data with Zingle. 

If you already have OXI connected to Zingle and only want to learn about sending "Room Ready" messages, head on over to Sending Room Ready messages with Opera.


  • Zingle's Opera OXI (Opera eXchange Interface) integration is compatible with Opera version 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and Opera Cloud 

  • To learn more about the integration process and associated costs, reach out to your Opera Account Manager.

How to set up the integration

  1. As an Administrator, browse to Admin Settings > Integrations

  2. Find the Opera integration and click on the large integration rectangle.

  3. Click the blue "Enable Integration" button.

4. Next, you will need to supply your Property Code and OXI Profile URL to the Opera interface installer in order for them to set up the OXI interface.
5. Click on Save
6. Once Opera has confirmed they are sending data to Zingle, Zingle will confirm with you and the Opera installer the data imported successfully.
7. The Zingle contact fields are manually created by the Zingle implementations department.
You will now automatically have access to the most up to date guest data within Zingle.

Configuring Check-in and Check-out Messages

Once you've enabled the Opera integration, the Opera Integration configuration page will show fields that allow you to specify messages that guests receive when they check in and check out.  These message are sent immediately when Opera sends Zingle those events, so the guests receive the messages in real-time. 

If you'd rather guests not receive one or both of these messages, just leave them blank. 

Reservation Event Handling

With some Opera Reservation Events, Zingle will update the contact in a specific way:

Checkin: Zingle applies the Checked In tag to the contact and sends the Checkin Message, if set
Checkout: Zingle removes the Checked In tag to the contact and sends the Checkout Message, if set
Cancel, Delete, Waitlist, No Show: Zingle removes the checkin and checkout date field values 

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