HotSOS Integration

The HotSOS Integration allows customers running HotSOS to configure their service to fetch guest reservation data. HotSOS obtains this reservation data from 3rd-party property management systems used by the hotels and provides a common interface.


Before a property can use the HotSOS-Zingle reservation integration they must first request that the integration be enabled by HotSOS. This request needs to come from the staff at the property, not Zingle. Once HotSOS fulfills this request, the property needs to give Zingle the credentials to use, which will consist of a username (ZINGLE_XXXX, where XXXX is a number), a password, and the URL.


In order for to be able to receive data from HotSOS, configuration settings need to be made in Integration settings can be accessed by an Administrator in the Admin Settings > Integrations:

HotSOS Username, Password, & URL: These must be obtained from Zingle's customer. The URL should not include the HTTP or HTTPS and should end in '', ex.

Checkin Message: Sent to guests when their status changed to 'CHECKED_IN'

Checkout Message: Sent to guests when their status changed from 'CHECKED_IN' to 'CHECKED_OUT'

HotSOS Sync Enabled: Checking this box enables to fetch contact data from HotSOS. If this box is not checked, only the message-forwarding features of the HotSOS integration will be enabled. No guest data will be pulled from HotSOS.

Important Notes: If the reservation is created with an invalid room number or a room number that does not exist in HotSOS, the data may not be forwarded to Zingle. When checking if the check-in/out event occurred within the last 30 minutes, checks the 'SortValue' sent by HotSOS, which is the time-stamp of the data update. The system does not go by the Arrival & Departure dates, as these typically vary from the actual check-in/out event by several hours. The HotSOS sync gives Zingle a single phone number from the PMS. There's no indication of whether the phone number is home or mobile. We assume it is mobile and attempt message delivery accordingly.

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