Zingle supports both date and date/time contact fields. When inserting fields into templates, zings, and messages, sometimes it's essential to format the dates to improve your customer experience.

By default, all inserted date and date/time fields can be formatting using the formatting options here.

Here is an example. Let's say I only want to send the date (no time) of an upcoming event to a customer. I also want the date to read in a simple friendly manner. I would enter this into my Zing send message action:

Heads up, your appointment is tomorrow, {sign_up_date|l}, {sign_up_date|M} {sign_up_date|j}.

The resulting message to the customer would be this:

"Heads up, your appointment is tomorrow, Wednesday, Jun 2."

Each curly bracket is a date field. Everything to the right of the pipe character is a formatting variable. For example, this bracket, {sign_up_date|l}, has an l (lowercase L) to the right of the pipe character. The formatting guide says an "l" character will result in "a full textual representation of the day of the week," hence "Wednesday" in the example above.

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