Included in all services is the ability to require a contact to Opt-In to receive messages from your service via SMS. You can enable a Confirmation Opt-In (single opt-in) or a Keyword and Confirmation Opt-In (double opt-in). In this article, we'll explain the differences and how to customize the opt-in messages.

How the Confirmation (Single Opt-In) Works:

When the Confirmation Opt-In is enabled, it will trigger a response when a contact texts into your service for the first time. This response will request that the contact reply back with a keyword (OPTIN, START, or a custom keyword) to confirm they want to opt-in. 

How the Keyword and Confirmation (Double Opt-In) Works:

The Keyword and Confirmation Opt-In process will require that a contact send a keyword that will trigger the response that will request that the contact reply back with a keyword (OPTIN, START, or a custom keyword) to confirm they want to opt-in. In the example below we used the keyword 'Zingle'.

How to set up a Contact Opt-In:

You must be an Administrator on the account or service, or have the permissions for Service & Feature Management. To navigate to these settings, select Admin Settings from your User Menu in the upper right-hand of your Dashboard. Scroll down and select Show less common options. The Opt-in Settings will appear at the bottom of the page. 

  1. Select the Opt-In Behavior: Confirmation, Keyword & Confirmation (by default this is set to None)

  2. For Keyword & Confirmation you will need to define what your Opt-In Initialization Keyword(s) will be (Example: ZINGLE)

  3. Define your Opt-In Initialization Response. This response will be triggered by the first inbound text from a new contact if you have selected the Confirmation Opt-In, or will be triggered by the Opt-In keyword form the Keyword & Confirmation Opt-In. This message should include your Opt-In Confirmation Keywords) from the next step. A default message is pre-populated.

  4. Define your Opt-In Confirmation keywords (OPTIN, START, and UNSTOP are defaults and already included)

  5. Customize your Opt-In Confirmation response which is sent upon successful completion of the Opt-In process. A default message is pre-populated.

  6. Customize your Opt-In Failure Response which will be sent if the contact replies with with an unexpected response. A default message is pre-populated.

Important Notes:

  • If you have enabled a contact Opt-In feature, you will not be able to send messages to contacts until they have successfully opted-in. Likewise, if the contact has opted-out, you will not be able to send them messages. The reply box in the Inbox will show that you will not be able to send an SMS outbound. If the contact has other channels for which they've opted in, these channels will be available to message the contact.

  • If a contact has triggered another automation, but has not completed the Opt-In process, they will be prompted to complete the Opt-In process first, then the triggered automation will take place. For example, if you have an Opt-In set and a Registration automation with a trigger of 'First Inbound Message from New Contact', the Opt-In will will trigger, followed by the Registration automation.

  • If you turn OFF the Opt-In feature, all contacts who have opted-in will change to a status of UNKNOWN. If a contact was previously in PENDING opt-in status, their new status would also be UNKNOWN.

Refer to the table below to see the determining factors of a contact's opt-in status:

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