User logins can be created and managed to have access to each Zingle service with customizable permissions. By default, only Administrators have access to manage users.

Invite a New Team Member

To navigate to the Team Members pane, click your initials at the top right of your dashboard and select Admin Settings from the drop down menu. 

Select Team Members from the left-hand column.

To invite additional users to the service, simply input an email address, select permissions and Invite.

Once your team invite has been sent, you can see the status of your invitation:

Team members will receive an email invitation (below), and be prompted to create a password before gaining access to the service:

Permissions Explained

Standard user permissions (to be toggled on/off)

  • Can send group messages: Users can send messages to tags, segments or groups of contacts using the +NEW message button.
  • Can delete contacts: Users can delete contacts individually or in bulk from the Contacts pane.
  • Can view & export data: Users can view the Analytics  tab and can export information to a CSV from the conversation pane, Analytics and Contacts tab. 

Administrators automatically have access to the permissions above as well the following permissions:

  • Invite, delete and manage permissions for all users.
  • View, export and edit Billing Contact information, Payment Method and Invoices.
  • View and make changes to all Admin Settings: Autoresponder, language translation, weekly reporting, contact privacy, opt-in features, Contact Fields, Tags, Segments, Templates, Channels and Integrations.

Importing Users with a CSV File

Users can also be imported in bulk using a CSV file, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about this option.

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