Within the next few weeks we'll be releasing a few new reports— beta at first but then dropping the beta shortly after once we have an opportunity to gather feedback and optimize if necessary. These new reports mark a new era for Zingle and our customers. We are now capturing and reporting on conversation analytics.

What are "Conversation Analytics"?

Conversation analytics provide analytics related to conversations within Zingle. Traditional messaging analytics don't account for individual conversation metrics due to the fact that mobile messaging is one never-ending thread of messages and isn't broken up into individual "conversations."

There are several benefits to breaking up the mega thread of messages into separate conversations. Now, through intelligent logic, conversations are summarized while maintaining the contextual advantages of visualizing one big conversation thread.

The benefits of conversation analytics

There are many benefits— some will be realized in future releases but there are some you can take advantage of straight away! 

To start, let's look at the new Conversation reports. Given a date range, the Conversations Summary report will provide the following information:

  1. Median Resolution (in minutes) - How long does it take our team to resolve issues/requests?
  2. Median messages per conversation - How many messages (inbound + outbound) does it usually take to resolve an issue/request?
  3. Number of Conversations - How many conversations does our team participate in each day/week/month/quarter/year?
  4. Median Resolution - How long did it take us to resolve issues/requests last week vs. this week, or yesterday vs. today? This is a time-phased report showing median resolution time by day/week/month/quarter/year.
  5. User Resolutions & Closes - How long did it take each team member to resolve issues/requests? How many conversations did they close?
  6. Busy - What day and time do our team field the most conversations?
  7. Resolution Performance - What day and time is our team the slowest in resolving issues/requests?

In addition to the Conversation Summary report, there is also a Conversation Details report, which provides the details of all conversations. 

Getting Started

Information about conversations can only be analyzed if conversations in Zingle are closed once they've been resolved. Read why it's important to close your conversations. Assuming your team is closing conversations once they are resolved, you'll be able to see accurate conversation data by viewing the reports in the Conversations section on the Analytics page. Learn more about the Conversation reports.

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