The co-pilot feature allows you to use multiple phone numbers within one Zingle Inbox.

Use Case:

If your business services customers in various geographic locations, you can choose more than one phone number, which allows you to advertise a local phone number to your customers. With co-pilot enabled, even though your customers are messaging their local area code phone numbers, all messages are directed to one shared inbox. The ability to use local phone numbers allows you to provide your customers with a better experience while maintaining control and visibility through one central inbox.

How it works

  1. Two or more phone numbers are associated with one Zingle Inbox (service). 
  2. Contacts become "stickied" to the specific phone number they initially message. In other words, co-pilot automatically creates a permanent mapping between the phone number and the contact. All future SMS communication is sent and received from this specific number.


  1. When sending an outbound message to a contact who has never sent an inbound message (i.e. they are not stickied), co-pilot attempts to send from a "matching" area code, so the message appears to come from a local area code. If a "matching" area code cannot be found, an outbound phone number is chosen at random (from your pool of numbers).
  2. Once a contact is "sticked" (associated) with a phone number, the association cannot be undone without contacting support. "Stickiness" is meant to ensure consistent communication using a familiar phone number.
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