A Tag is an attribute added to a contact, similar to a custom field value. Tags are identifiers manually applied to contacts. Once your tag is created and applied to the appropriate contacts, you can then send a message to the tag, use a Zing to schedule a message to go to a tag, or use filtering from Segments to create an even more specific subset of contacts.

Apply a Tag to a Contact 

You're able to apply an existing tag a contact or group of contacts in two different ways: 

  1. From the Inbox, select a conversation this opens the Contact Detail pane from which you can select the +Add button in Tags and select the Tag you'd like to apply.
  2. From Contacts, check the box ☑ next to the contacts to which you'd like to apply the tag, select Actions, Add Tag and the tag you'd like to apply.

How to Create a Tag 

To create a tag, select the +Add button under Tags on the contact record. Type the name of the tag you wish to create, select Create, the color and Save.

Remove a Tag 

From the Contact Detail pane, select the X to the right of the tag you'd like to remove. 

This can also be done in bulk from the Contacts page.

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