Creating a Segment:

Segments are groups that contacts fall in and out of dependent on the conditions set. These are different from Tags, static identifiers, in that Segments will automatically be applied to any contact profile that matches the criteria for the grouping. Learn more about segments and tags by checking out these articles: 

From the contacts page you will be able to build a segment using filters including custom fields and tags. For example, a segment could contain all contacts where the VIP field is set to 'true' and are currently checked-in.
 1. Create a segment by clicking the '+' icon to add a filter and define the source:

In this instance, we're creating a segment of guests staying on the first floor of the hotel with the following criteria: 

2. Select Save as Segment and define the segment name, and Save. Your segment will now show in the segment list:

See more on contact management here: 

Edit or remove existing segments from Admin Settings. 

Select Segments from the left column.

Edit or delete existing tags from this menu: 

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