When attempting access the Zingle interface from multiple computers at the same time, you will receive the Multi-Device Warning.

For users needing to toggle between multiple devices using their login, simply select Refresh to activate your Zingle session on that device. 

Multiple users sharing a single login and accessing the service simultaneously has never been how Zingle has been designed. The multi-device restriction is a "global" function of Zingle, meaning it applies to every user in the service.


  • "How do I view, add or delete users in my service?" Administrators can view and manage users from Admin Settings, click here to learn more.

  • "It says my user limit is reached, what do I do?" Additional users can be purchased from your Customer Success Manager. Email success@zingleme.com to be connected with someone who can assist. 

  • "I need this to go away, can you turn it back to how it was?" Our development team has spent many months structuring Zingle to perform with this new functionality. There is no on/off switch for each user and this is how Zingle will operate moving forward. We're not doing this to make our customer's job's more difficult but rather to ensure that our software performs reliably for everyone. 

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