This article assumes you already have access to a WeChat Official Account. If you don't, you should read our WeChat Official Accounts Overview to learn about the different types of WeChat Official Accounts and how to obtain one.

To get started, log in to your Zingle service (you must use an account with Administrator access) and go to Admin Settings from the profile menu.

Once in Admin Settings, go to the Channels section and click on the WeChat channel.

Then, click on "Set Up WeChat" in the configuration page:

You will be prompted to chat with our Support team, and they will guide you through the WeChat setup process.

The Support team will send you a QR Code that you will need to scan with your WeChat app to authorize Zingle to connect your WeChat Official Account. Make sure you are scanning from the WeChat app as an authorized admin on your WeChat Official Account.

To scan, navigate to Discover -> Scan:

Once you've scanned the QR Code and authorization is complete, the Zingle service will need to be refreshed.

  1. In Zingle -> Admin Settings -> Channels -> WeChat, click on the WeChat enable button again

  2. The WeChat channel in Zingle UI will now appear as “Connected”

Once your WeChat Official Account is linked to Zingle, messages sent to your Official Account will show up in Zingle and you can reply directly to those customers from the Zingle Inbox.

Note: stickers are not currently supported for this feature.

WeChat FAQs

Is there a time window where I can message my customers freely?

  • Yes, WeChat Official Accounts have a messaging window of 48 hours. WeChat limits the engagement window to 48 hours from the last inbound message sent by a customer.
    Once 48 hours have passed, the business will no longer be able to send messages to the customer. You will need to contact the customer outside of WeChat (e.g. via text or email) to get them to re-engage with the business on WeChat to restart that 48-hour window. Messaging windows are common for many messaging app business accounts. They prevent businesses from responding after a period of time to prevent spamming.

Can I send pre-arrival messages with WeChat?

  • No, WeChat requires a customer to initiate a conversation with a business. The customer must follow the Official Account and send the first inbound message to engage with the business on WeChat.

How can I get my customers to engage?

  • We recommend sending (pre-arrival) emails embedded with your WeChat Official Account's QR code, or you can have QR codes printed and available across the property to encourage customers to begin their check-in process that way.

If I connect my WeChat Official Account to Zingle, will I still be able to engage with customers through my WeChat Official Account dashboard?

  • Yes, you will still be able to message your customers directly from the WeChat OA dashboard. However, those messages you send as the OA admin will not be displayed in Zingle. Your customers' responses will be displayed in both Zingle and on the WeChat OA dashboard.

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