Built-in Shortening

When sending using Zingle to send URLs to your contacts, Zingle will automatically shorten these links to optimize message length. 

If you do NOT want a URL shortened, simply add the escape character \ as a prefix to your link. In the example below, the link delivered to the contact is \https://pacificcoastgrill.com/dinnerMenu.html instead of the shortened https://zngl.me/XT6r9zr.

Bitly Shortening

Zingle allows you to utilize this same URL shortening through its Bitly integration as an alternative. Create a Bitly account for free here.

Why use Bitly instead? There are two main reasons why you may want to consider enabling the integration:

  1. Bitly is a commonly used shortener. A small percentage of the contacts your communicating with may be wary of clicking on any URLs you send them. Having the prefix of shortened URLs be bitly instead of znglme may increase the likelihood of them following the link.

  2. With the integration enabled. Any URLs sent through your Zingle service are automatically shortened and then saved in your Bitly dashboard for you to see the click-through rates on your links. 

To get started connecting your Bitly account to Zingle, visit the setup documentation here.

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