Zingle Chat give businesses and developers an easy way to add robust chat functionality to their web site or mobile app with minimal effort.  Zingle provides SDKs for web, iOS, and Android. 

Enabling Chat

To start, log in to your Zingle account and go to your Admin Settings.  Choose Channels from the left menu and then click on the Chat channel and then click the Enable Zingle Chat button.

Once chat is enabled, the page will update to show all of the information needed to add Zingle Chat to your website or app.

Adding Chat to your web site

Adding chat to your website is as simple as pasting two pieces of code into your website.  On the Chat settings page, copy the Script Snippet and paste it near the end of the HEAD section of your site.  Next, copy the Initialization Script and paste it near the end of the BODY section.  

That's all there is to it.  Now your website will display the Zingle Chat launcher and any conversation started on your site will show up in your Zingle Team Inbox.  You can see what that looks like here

Customizing Web Chat

If you'd like more control over how the Web Chat launcher is shown, the tone of the default text in the launcher, or sending custom information about your customers to Zingle when they use Web Chat, refer to the detailed web chat documentation here.

Adding Chat to your mobile app 

Adding Zingle Chat to your mobile app is almost as easy as adding it to your website.  Please refer to the documentation for the iOS and Android SDKs.

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