When you navigate to the contacts section, you can view and manage every contact that has messaged into or has been uploaded into your service. 

From the left, filters can be applied to categorize subsets of your contacts. When saved, this becomes a segment

In the middle of the Contact Display pane, actions can be performed on contacts. Important note: When no contacts are selected, actions are automatically applied to all contacts. 

  • Compose Message: Send a message to just the contacts selected
  • Add/Remove a Tag: Add or remove tags by groups of contacts
  • Update: Mass edit contact fields, you could change the departure date for a group hotel guests for example
  • Export: Export contacts to a CSV, delivered to your email
  • Merge: If the same contact has messaged in via two or more separate channels, you can merge the contacts to consolidate
  • Delete: Remove selected contacts from your service entirely, this deletes all conversation history with the contact as well

To the top right of the pane, the Show/Hide button allows you to select the columns to view. The gear icon on the button to the right of it allows you to import contacts en masse via CSV. 

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