This feature is available in Professional and higher pricing plans.

📅  Calendar events can be used to send reminders to contacts using relative timeframes (i.e. 2 hours before appt.). Prior to the Calendar Events feature, customers would often use the custom date/time fields in Zingle to capture appointment times and other event data. This solution sort of worked, but it was complex to set up, and in some cases, impossible send reminders based on relative time frames.

Creating and managing events is much easier now!  🙏

Event Types

What are Event Types?

Each individual event is associated with a event type. Event types are used to group "like" events for the purpose of defining Zing behavior. For example, let's say there are two types of appointments: spa and checkin/out (stay). The reminder or communication schedule related to each type may be defined differently. Perhaps for spa appointments, a reminder an hour before is required, and for checkin/out events, a 24 hour reminder is more appropriate. 

How to create event types

  1. Browse to Admin Settings > Event Types.
  2. Create an event type for each "type" of calendar event you require. A minimum of one event type is required.

How to create Calendar Events

Once at least one event type has been created, you are now ready to
create calendar events.

  1. From the Inbox or Contacts page, select the conversation or contact for which you want to create the event.
  2. In the profile pane, you'll notice a new section called "Events". Click the "+ Create Event" link.
  3. Fill in the event details and click the "Create Event" button.

The event is now saved, and assuming the event is in the future, is visible from the contact's profile pane.

✍️ Notes:  

  • Only 2 events in the future will be displayed at once. Past and future events can be loaded by clicking links to load more. 
  • Importing contacts with events is currently not supported but is something we are looking into. 
  • Editing and deleting events can be done from the ellipsis menu.

Zing triggers

Creating events alone will not send messages to your customers. Once one or more event types have been created, you can use a Zing trigger to perform actions. 

The "Calendar event changes" trigger will be executed when a calendar event is created, updated, or deleted. An example use case for this trigger is a confirmation text as soon as an appointment is created. 

The "Scheduled Calendar Event" trigger will be executed at a relative time to an upcoming calendar event. An example use case for this trigger is a reminder text message two hours in advance of an appointment.

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