Only Zingle Enterprise customers have access to this integration.

The Zingle and TripAdvisor integration makes it easy to solicit TripAdvisor review surveys through group messages, templates, and Zings. 

Setup Instructions:

Enter your TripAdvisor ID on the Zingle TripAdvisor integration screen (Admin  Settings > Integrations > TripAdvisor). Save the settings.

💡  TIP: If you don't know your TripAdvisor ID, browse to your public TripAdvisor page and copy the numbers after the "d" in the first number sequence. In this example, the ID is 77284.

Once the integration is set up, you'll notice a new option called "TripAdvisor Review Link" that's available when inserting a custom field. This review link can be inserted into a group message, template, or Zing.

Your guests will see this on their mobile devices when they click on the link in the text message. 

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