Zingle integrates directly with Micros Opera (now owned by Oracle), a popular hospitality property management system.  This integration allows Opera to send guest profile information directly to Zingle whenever the profile is updated or certain reservation actions (such as check-in, check-out, and booking) occur.  

If you already have OXI connected to Zingle (or don't care about profile syncing) and just want to learn about sending "Room Ready" messages, head on over to Sending Room Ready messages with Opera.

The Technical Stuff

Zingle's Opera integration is one-way, meaning that we ingest data as Opera sends it to us.  We don't send any information back to Opera. 

Opera uses OXI (Opera eXchange Interface) to configure and monitor the Zingle integration.  As such, you'll need to ensure that you have the necessary licenses for OXI integration with Zingle and somebody either in-house or with Micros support to help configure the OXI-Zingle link.  If any of that is confusing, contact your Micros/Opera account manager and they can step you through it. 

Getting Your Property Code & URL

In order to configure OXI to send data to Zingle, you'll need to supply your Property Code and Zingle's inbound contacts URL to the person configuring OXI.  You can find this information in the Opera section of Admin Settings in your Zingle Service.  If you haven't already enabled the integration, simply click the Enable Opera Integration button and a property code will be generated and displayed immediately.

Configuring Check-in and Check-out Messages

Once you've enabled the Opera integration, the Opera Integration configuration page will show fields that allow you to specify messages that guests receive when they check in and check out.  These message are sent immediately when Opera sends Zingle those events, so the guests receive the messages in real-time. 

If you'd rather guests not receive one or both of these messages, just leave them blank. 

How Zingle Matches Contacts

Whenever a reservation's status changes or the profile is updated, Opera will send the reservation and profile info to Zingle.  We will first try to find a contact in Zingle with the same Profile ID.  If one isn't found, we'll look for a contact with a matching Phone Number.  If one is found, we update it with the new profile's name, email address, reservation info, and other custom data. If not, we create a new contact with all of that info. 

Reservation Event Handling

With some Opera Reservation Events, we update the contact in a specific way:

Checkin: Zingle applies the Checked In tag to the contact and sends the Checkin Message, if set
Checkout: Zingle removes the Checked In tag to the contact and sends the Checkout Message, if set
Cancel, Delete, Waitlist, No Show: Zingle removes the checkin and checkout date field values 


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