The Zingle free trial is designed for our customers to evaluate freely; however, since Zingle is a messaging company, it's essential that we implement some messaging limitations to prevent free trial abuse or spamming.

Here are some important details regarding the free trial:

  • The free trial is 3 days in duration.

  • Our spamming logic attempts to prevent spamming or outbound only marketing services.

  • We prevent sending more than 250 messages (inbound + outbound) in a 24-hour period.

  • We prevent sending more than 1,000 messages (inbound + outbound) total during the duration of the free trial.

  • We prevent adding more than 100 team members.

This red bar is what users see when their service has exceeded the trial limitations.

We'll warn you
For both the daily (24hr) message limit and the total message limit, you'll receive a pop up notification in the app when you've reached 200 (daily) and 900 (total) messages. This should provide enough time to enter a credit card prior to the hard limits being reached.

Once the red bar appears, you cannot sent any messages from your service, although inbound messages from customers will still be received.

Payment is required to dismiss the red bar and continue using Zingle.

Why do we set limits?
The most obvious reason is to avoid spammers signing up for our trials and then abusing them. Additionally, each message sent and received costs Zingle money, so we try and find a good balance where our potential customers can test out Zingle in all its glory but when it gets to a point of legitimate usage, we ask that our customers sign up for our service.

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