Recently Chrome and Safari made updates in an attempt to thwart auto-play videos. I think all of us have experienced browsing around the internet and all of a sudden, a video starts playing automatically (with audio!). Intrusive browsing experiences don't feel good, so Google and Apple are trying to change this; however, as a result of their recent change, they've complicated things for good folks like Zingle who are simply trying to alert our users of incoming messages.

As a workaround, there are settings in both Chrome and Safari that allow for the "whitelisting" of the Zingle subdomain.

Chrome - How to allow Zingle to perform audio notifications

  1. Ensure you are on the latest version of Chrome.

  2. Open Chrome Settings.

3. In the menu on the far left, click on Advanced, Privacy and Security, and then Site Settings.

4. Once in Site Settings, from within the Permissions section, click the Notifications option.

5. Add to the Allow section. Once added, you can click on it, do see the details options for Zingle specifically.

6. Set "Allow" for Sound

Completing these steps will allow Zingle to send audio notifications through Chrome without the need to prompt you.

Safari - How to disable Safari's autoplay policy

To disable Safari's auto-play policy for Zingle and ensure audio notifications work in Zingle, follow these quick steps:

  1. Open Safari and make sure you're logged into Zingle.

  2. Open up the Safari "Preferences."

3. Click on the "Websites" tab. You should see since you're currently in Zingle. Select "Allow All Auto-Play".

That's it! You should be good to go now. 👌

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