Message Categories is a feature that categorizes messages for the purpose of analysis.

A few common use cases:

“How often are users asking about wifi issues? Is this getting better or worse? How do wifi related questions differ between Tower 1 and Tower 2?”

“Do I need to hire additional staff in order to keep up with the demand related to maintenance issues?”

“Guests are frequently asking about the Pool hours often. Perhaps there is a way to create an automation to handle these types of questions.”

Manual Categorization


  1. Start by determining what information is important to your business. Are there specific questions like in the examples above, where better understanding would help you make decisions?
  2. Determine which categories are necessary to provide you with the information to make the decisions you've identified. 
  3. Follow the instructions here to implement your categories.
  4. Train your team on how and when to apply each category.

Create your categories

1. Logged in as an Administrator, browse to Admin Settings > Categories.

2. Create the categories.

Apply Categories

1. From within the Inbox, hover over any inbound or outbound message and click the "tag" icon.

2. Select one or more categories.
3. Your message is now categorized.

Analyze Categories

It may take several minutes to see message categorization data in analytics. 

  1. Browse to Analytics > Message Categories. The "Categories" report allows you to analyze message categorization data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Categorization

Coming soon...


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