Creating a Line Account

  1. Install Line on a device (Phone, Tablet, Computer)
  2. Sign up for a Line Account using a phone number within the installed Line app.
  3. Register an email to the Line account under Settings → Account and verify email.
  4. Navigate to, create a Line@ Account, then create a "Standard Account".  If you have an existing Business Connect account, you can navigate to: in a browser instead and skip to step 12.  
  5. Sign in using registered email and password.
  6. Fill out the account information fields.
  7. Log in to Line@ Manager.
  8. Click on Settings → Messaging API Settings.
  9. Select a Provider, and click Enable API.  Understand that you will lose the ability to use the Line@ app after doing this.
  10. Click the LINE Developers Button at the bottom of the page to open the developers dashboard.
  11. Select the channel that has been created with the account name that you provided earlier.
  12. Here you should see the channel settings page.  If you have an existing Business Account, find the "Channels" page.
  13. Stay on page with channel basic information (
  14. Zingle Setup must be done by a Zingle Employee.  They must be provided with the Line Channel ID, Secret, and Channel Access Token (Or MID for Business Accounts).  Line Channel ID and Secret are listed under Basic Information, and Channel Access Token is listed under Messaging Settings.
  15. Scroll down to Messaging Settings and click the "Edit" button next to "Use Webhooks" and enable webhooks.
  16. Then edit "Webhook URL" and enter the Callback URL "" and verify it. Note: this should be done after the Zingle Setup has been completed.
  17. Upon success, the service should now receive inbound Line messages that are sent to the Line account, and will be able to send outbound messages.

Entering your Line Credentials in Zingle

Log in to your Zingle service (you must use an account with Administrator access) and go to Admin Settings from the profile menu. 

Once in Admin Settings, go to the Channels section and click on the Line channel.  Enter the values obtained earlier and save your changes.  

That's it!  Your Line Account is now linked to Zingle.  Messages sent to it will show up in Zingle and you can reply directly to those customers from the Zingle Inbox.  

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