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I'd like to share some information around this release and how it can help your business.

Hopefully you know by now that Zingle has been going through a bit of a transformation over the past few months. We are working tirelessly to enhance the Zingle user experience and set our customers (YOU) up for success. We started by introducing the new Inbox, Contacts, and Settings pages. Technically these pages are still in beta but approximately half of our customers are already using these pages every day in production.Β 

If you haven't tried the new user interface, click the big purple button in the upper right corner. If you don't see a button, please speak with your Zingle Admin.

This release focuses on fixing many of the outstanding bugs and improvements required before we officially move the new interface into production. If you're curious about the Automations redesign, which is right around the corner, check out this article. :wink:

ATTENTION: The first bulleted item below with the big red dot emoji applies to both new and classic interfaces. All other items in this document apply to the new interface only.

Release note important items:

  • πŸ”΄ Β Outbound messages sent from the Group message interface or from automations will not automatically open conversations. This behavior change has been requested by several customers. Here is why it's a good change -- as an example, currently, sending a group message to 100 contacts will re-open all 100 conversations and clutter up the Inbox. If customers are trying to keep their Inbox empty (as advised), this isn't ideal.
  • New navigation color
  • The insert field option for reply only has been removed. It's still there for automation building, group messaging, and template building. According to our usage data, a very small number of users are actually using this feature when replying, so we feel it's more valuable to keep this area clean as we'll likely be adding additional features in the near future.

Release notes details:

Improvements πŸ™Œ

  • Updated fly-out informational messages
  • Add set custom field value option in Contacts action button
  • Close or re-open label and icon on hover of conversation card
  • Ability to drag and drop attachments in reply
  • Ability to select colors for Groups
  • Send reply shortcut using the standard cmd + return or control + return for Windows
  • Enhanced collision detection so you are aware when multiple users are replying or adding a note simultaneously.
  • API: Forwarded message destination info
  • Group messages will now only send to recipient once, independent of how many times they are included in a Group or Tag.
  • Option added in general settings page to turn off translations feature
  • Alpha sorted templates, fields, tags, and groups
  • Removed insert field for REPLY ONLY
  • Will now send auto-response before opt-in messages
  • Style changes to top navigation
  • Add quick-search to services dropdown (if user has access to 5 or more services)
  • Messages are now limited to 600 characters. This isn't necessarily an improvement but some carriers break up messages larger than 600 characters, which could result in contacts receiving text messages out of order. We thought we would use this as an opportunity to reenforce best practices.

Bugs 🐞

  • Group message for "All Contacts" will now send to all as intended
  • Forward form now has ability add tag as recipient, but can't found any tag by name
  • Allow deletion of all contacts or all contacts in a Group
  • Can now search by phone number with non-numeric symbols
  • You now can delete options from the "option" type Contact field
  • Users can now delete the delayed messages
  • Opera contacts will now receive Checkin and Checkout messages
  • Using Last Message date will now work properly in the Group filters.

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