New User Interface - what's new? 

We've been hard at work over the past several months creating an outstanding new experience for you and your team. Our new Team Inbox has all the great capabilities of the classic Inbox but is much more user friendly and even has some great new features! (more beta info here)

You'll notice a new option in your upper right dropdown to "Switch to new Team Inbox". Give it a try, you can always switch back to "Classic" using the same menu and switching is user by user, so it's your choice.

Although the Team Inbox is still in beta, it's been through our QA/Testing process, so please feel confident in using it to communicate with your customers. Also, please provide feedback and report bugs using the small purple circular button in the lower right corner. I will personally be responding quickly to any incoming feedback and bug reports.

Once you switch to the new Team Inbox, you'll see an in-app notification that will educate you on the important changes between the classic and new inbox. You can always get back to documentation regarding the new inbox using the link below.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Confirmed / Unconfirmed has been renamed to "Read / Unread". Conversations will automatically become read once they are viewed.
  2. "Labels" are now called "Tags". Same functionality, new name.
  3. Groups are NEW. You can now Group Contacts by using filters. Groups are smarter and easier than Labels or Tags. Contacts will automatically enter and exit groups based on your defined filters (it's like magic). We definitely recommend you read more here.
  4. This initial beta consists of an updated Inbox and Contacts screens only, so you'll notice that automations, analytics, and settings are all "classic". Also, we are in the process of centralizing all settings. Until this is complete, you can access all inbox and contact related settings by switching back to the "Classic Dashboard".
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