Release Notes - October 2016


You will see a smiley face icon in the top right of the reply message input and the compose message input. Emojis aren't currently supported in Automations (but we're working on that!). Read more here.

User Import Improvements:

We have added the ability to import users with custom roles that have already been created on the account. Before, user imports only supported the standard roles to be applied (Admin, Manager, Basic, and Read Only). Click here for more information on User Management and Custom Roles.

Opt-In Improvements:

Included on all services is the ability to require a contact to Opt-In to receive messages from your service via SMS. You can enable a Confirmation Opt-In (single opt-in) or a Keyword and Confirmation Opt-In (double opt-in). Improvements have been made to handle other triggered automations after a contact has completed the Opt-In process. Read more here.

New Automation Action:

New action, Close Conversation, has been added to the available actions within Automations. For a full list of Actions and their functions, click here.

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