Domestic (US and Canada)

A domestic phone number is broken up into the following segments: 

When inputting or updating a domestic phone number on a contact profile, Zingle allows you to designate the segment breaks using either a single space, no space or a hyphen. Parenthesis can be used to identify the area code only. Here are some of the combinations accepted within Zingle: 

Here are some examples of formats that are invalid within Zingle:

International Numbers

Zingle does not require the use of the "+1" country code for US or Canadian phone numbers and assumes that any number without a country code prefix is a domestic phone number.

IMPORTANT: When messaging an international number, the prefix of a plus sign with the country code must be used in the format below. Similar to the acceptable formats for domestic numbers, spaces and dashes can be used to separate the segments.

In some countries, local dialing may require the addition of a '0' in front of the subscriber number. When using these numbers within Zingle, this '0' must be removed. The UK number below is not recognized as valid by Zingle.

Adjusted to the format below, this number can be added to the contact profile.

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